Casis Card game featuring Lumen The Guise of Darkness

Men tremble,
as the humble stumble
before the proud.

Women quiver,
shudder and shiver,
while evil walks in pride.

Inside, hearts cry out:
For justice, for truth,
for light.

Night falls.
The righteous whisper,
the bellicose shout…
and though fading
like the last rays of day,
hope calls…

Lumen: The Guise Of Darkness!


You can always read the first Lumen story online for free. But, paperback, e-book, and audio versions are also available!

GraceRock Media's new game Casis(TM)

New Twists on Classic Games!

My kids think I have an annoying habit of changing the rules in the middle of the game. I prefer to think I am breathing new life into classic leisure past times. We all know there are certain board games that should be described 'tired and bored' games. That said, you own Clue, Monopoly, as well as all the classics... do you really want to shell out $50 for a new game?

If you are a little more flexible than my girls, you may want to give these variations a try.

For a reasonably priced new game, check out Casis™ featuring Lumen The Guise of Darkness

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Clue a.k.a. Cluedo

There are many variations of Clue you can buy. This variation can be used with your classic set and some of the variants.

TWIST: Every player has one opportunity to call 'Plot Twist' during the game. 'Plot Twist' is called on a player's turn before or after making a suggestion.

Upon calling 'Plot Twist', the player randomly selects one of the solution cards. The player is careful to only look at the selected card. None of the other players are allowed to see any of the solution cards.

The player calling 'Plot Twist' exchanges a similar card for the card selected from the solution set. For example, if the solution card is a suspect, the player exchanges one suspect card from his hand for the card selected from the solution set. The player's card is added to the solution set without being revealed to the other players. A weapon card is exchanged for a weapon card. A location card is exchanged for a location card.

What if the player does not have a card of the type selected? In that case, the player returns the card to the solution set without revealing to the other players that it is the same card that was selected.

WARNING: This game could be very frustrating for some because they believe they are close to the solution, then someone calls 'Plot Twist' destroying their case. Only recommended for players that are mentally stable and able to adjust quickly to new situations!

Winning the game is the same as for classic Clue.

Copyright 2017 Patrick Bain All Rights Reserved


There are many variations of Monopoly you can buy. This variation can be used with your classic set and some of the variants.

TWIST: Why should one lucky roller be the only one that gets an opportunity to buy a property?

In this variation, every property that is unsold when a player lands on it is put up for auction at one half of the list price. Bidding goes until someone buys the property or everyone refuses to buy it at one half of list price.

Further, what free market wouldn't allow you to build houses or hotels on your property, regardless of whether or not you own all the lots on the block? In this variation, you can build right away with one big caveat. Zoning laws prevent you from building two houses on a lot where you neighbor has none. The exception is if a complete monopoly set is owned. Note. By regular rules of Monopoly a player is also limited to having at most one house more than the neighboring properties. This is the same rule as classic monopoly, with the exception that a complete set is not necessary to build houses or hotels.

WARNING: Some people don't believe in the free enterprise system and want to prevent you from achieving economic freedom.

Winning the game is the same as for classic Monopoly or may be played with standard short game rules.

Copyright 2017 Patrick Bain All Rights Reserved

War the card game

War is a game that employs a standard deck of cards. I absolutely refuse to play. However, this variation on the game makes it almost bearable.

TWIST: Game play doesn't change except for the identification of some special cards with unique powers. In the classic game Stratego, bombs and spies can turn the fortunes of the game.

In this variation, all 2's are treated like bombs. When a 2 is played, either in a head to head matchup or as a hidden card in a tiebreaker, the 2 or 'bomb' will explode. All cards part of the play are removed from the game. The exploding bomb may or may not be an advantage to the person that played the two, but that's how it goes sometimes with bombs.

Another special card are all 7's, which represent the spies. The spy cards have the ability to defeat more powerful cards (8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A). However, the spy can easily be defeated by the infantry type cards such as (2, 3, 4, 5, 6), i.e. the lower cards.

The nuclear option is what actually makes this variation special. Each player is allowed to secretly (but written down) identify two 'nuclear' cards. These cards behave as normal cards unless the player who lays a nuclear card down decides to excute the nuclear option. The nuclear option can ONLY be executed if the player has laid down one of his two nuclear cards and it is matched up against another player's face cards (J, Q, K).

The nuclear option is all or nothing and has little chance of success, so it should only be invoked if it is obvious that a player can not come back from an overwhelming deficit. Or alternatively, if a player is tired of the game and just wants to end it all.

To execute the nuclear option, the player reveals his secret code designating the played card as a nuclear card. Then the challenged player rolls 3 dice while the player invoking the nuclear option rolls two dice. Both of the dice played by the challenger MUST exceed all three dice played by the defender. The player that wins the nuclear challenge wins the game!

If players are too lazy to designate cards as nuclear cards, the two jokers can be used for the nuclear option. The jokers lose to every other card, so they will tend to change hands quickly.

As mentioned, chances of success in the nuclear option are slim.

WARNING: Regardless of the enhancements, this game is still War. And, it still mostly depends on the luck of the cards.

Copyright 2017 Patrick Bain All Rights Reserved

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