Casis Card game featuring Lumen The Guise of Darkness

Men tremble,
as the humble stumble
before the proud.

Women quiver,
shudder and shiver,
while evil walks in pride.

Inside, hearts cry out:
For justice, for truth,
for light.

Night falls.
The righteous whisper,
the bellicose shout…
and though fading
like the last rays of day,
hope calls…

Lumen: The Guise Of Darkness!


You can always read the first Lumen story online for free. But, paperback, e-book, and audio versions are also available!

GraceRock Media's new game Casis(TM)

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Casis™ - The game where mysteries are solved on a case by case basis!


Casis™ featuring the characters of Lumen The Guise of Darkness

Who are the characters with heart, diamonds in the rough, denizens of the 'club', or even those with a dark side as black as a spade? In Casis™, players find the clues necessary to solve the case. Solve enough cases to become a master sleuth. Be the mysterious hero Lumen, whose greatest asset is the darkness that can be felt!

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How about some new twists on classic games?

* Casis rhymes with basis

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Casis™ Suspects - Lumen version

Kings, Queens, and Jacks are the suspects in Casis™

Casis Suspect cards

Cards 2 through 10 are the clue cards. Collect a set of clue cards for the corresponding suspect to solve a case.

Casis(TM) set for Detective Thornbush

Casis(TM) Shake clue set

Casis(TM) sample clue sets

Aces: The Ace for each suit may be used as a wildcard in Casis™ to substitute for any clue card in that suit. An Ace of Spades may be used to help solve any Spades case, but my not be used for any other suit such as Hearts, Diamonds, or Clubs. The Ace also can NOT be substituted for the suspect card.

Casis (TM) Wild Cards

If you learn by watching, check out our YouTube channel for tips on Casis™ game play

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