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The Passion Of Christ...Songs of Victory on the Cross and Resurrection

As we anticipate Resurrection Sunday, let's take time to think about what Christ did for us. Numerous songs have been written about various parts of Jesus' life in his last week of earthly ministry leading up to his crucifixion and resurrection.

Here are a few songs ranging from his triumphant entry into Jerusalem, to his last supper with his disciples, his prayer in Gethsemane, the terrible suffering of his death, and his glorious victory over the grave.

These songs represent a small sampling, send me Feedback with some of your favorite reminders of Christ's passion.

Caution: YouTube may present advertisements that do not represent Biblical values. If the "small" player does not work in your browser, you can watch the video by clicking the 'watch on YouTube' icon.

Michael W Smith
Michael W Smith 2


At Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem, the people gathered with a pent-up excitement fed by the anticipation of a dramatic change. The multitude praised him saying, "Hosanna to the Son of David; Blessed is He who comes in the name of the LORD." Michael W Smith captures the emotions of their exalting.

David Ellis
See How The King Comes



David Ellis looks at Palm Sunday in a more reflective way. See How The King Comes helps us to focus and meditate on Jesus as the King of our lives, rather than the misguided notion held by the multitude searching for an earthly king.

David Ellis - Overflow Recording from Daniel Ortega on Vimeo.

Rebecca St James
Lest I Forget
If I Had One Chance To Tell You Something

Jesus said when we eat this bread and drink from this cup, we do it in remembrance of him.
Sea Of Faces
Sea Of Faces

Kutless reminds us that the body of Jesus was broken for us, his blood, like wine, spilled out for us. We are no longer nameless, and faceless, since Christ traded his life for each of us.

Kutless - Sea Of Faces from kutless on GodTube.

This Is Love
Jesus' greatest struggle-- and peril that his mission could fail-- was at Gethsemane. There, Jesus sought the Father's will, and submitted to the purpose for his life.
5 Minutes (In The Garden)
The Yearbook
Powerful lyrics by KJ-52 describe Jesus' agony at the decision he would make. I like to recall that a legion of angels could have rescued Jesus at any time, yet he allowed himself led away as an innocent lamb.
Judas' Kiss
More Power To Ya
Betrayed by a friend. We diminish how much it would have hurt to be delivered into the hands of sinners by a friends' treacherous display of affection.
Wolves At The Gate
Man Of Sorrows

Man of Sorrows tells the gospel story from the anger of the crowd to Jesus' words on the cross to his glorious resurrection, all with a post-hardcore sound.
It Is Finished
Beat The System


It Is Finished captures the power and results of Jesus' victory on the cross. Only God's redeeming power could change the horror of that event into Good Friday.

Warning: Uses graphic scenes from The Passion Of Christ


Abandon meditates on the Hero that is Jesus Christ. Considering all He did for us, what can we do for Him?
Sunday's On The Way
Sunday's On The Way

What was going on between "It is finished" and "He is not here"? Carman has a humorous take on that.
Andy Cherry
Our God's Alive
Nothing Left To Fear

Unlike others that have been raised from the dead, Jesus is not a man, still condemned to die. Jesus is God and victor over death. Death no longer has a sting, because our God is Alive.
Don Francisco
He's Alive

Best Resurrection song in the last 50 years. Let's celebrate...He Is Alive!

Don Francisco - He's Alive [Live] from bill-and-gloria-gaither on GodTube.

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