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GRACE Rocks the curve!™

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Robert Pierre - Who R U

Songwriters: Robert Pierre, Matt Bronleewe, Jason Ingram

©2011 Tupos Publishing

Robert Pierre is known around my house as the guy who looks like Elvis! Just to be clear, Robert Pierre does NOT look like 'Jumpsuit Elvis'; he looks like the young, good-looking Elvis of the movies. While Elvis was famous for lyrics like "You ain't nothin' but a hound dog", Robert Pierre's songs consistently boast a solid Biblical basis and lots of Scripture throughout. In Robert Pierre's newest album I'm All In, that is again true. In Who R U, we are reminded to pick a side. I like the following lines:

"Who are you
You're either hot or you're cold
Either yes or you're no
Will you stay or will you run
Who will you become?
- Robert Pierre, Matt Bronleewe, Jason Ingram

The lyrics remind me of the saying 'People in the middle of the road...get run over!'. And Jesus was known for saying let the dead to bury their own dead. Robert Pierre's lyrics are reminders that the fence i like to stand on is very thin.

'So because you are luke-warm and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of My mouth.' Revelation 3:16 (NASB)

G - 3

R - 3.5

A - 3

C - 3

E - 4

GRACE rocks the curve™ score: 16.5

Robert Pierre's album I'm All In contains a good mix of pop rock and modern worship songs. Among my favorite songs on the album are Stranger In This Land and Maker Of The Stars. See the complete lyrics of Who R U here!

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