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What is the difference between a topic and an analogy?

In the Grace Rocks Song Concordance, topics such as angels, fathers, forgiveness, and repentance are referenced to Christian rock and contemporary songs. For the purposes of our concordance, how is a topical reference distinguished from a song that employes an analogy?

If the message of a song is about a topic, or presents a teaching related to a topic, then that topic should be referenced related to that specific song in the Grace Rocks Song Concordance. For example, Steven Curtis Chapman has a song called Angels Wish where he whimsically sings about conversations with his angel friends in Heaven. In spite of the humor, the song illustrates 1 Peter 1:12, where speaking of the salvation and grace of the Gospel, Peter indicated that even the angels long to look into those matters. So, Angels Wish may be related to the topic Angels.

The song Breakfast by the Newsboys is an excellent example of a song that illustrates teachings on salvation and being prepared for death, not through the topic of food, but rather, the analogy of food. When the Newsboys are singing about Captain Crunch and burning toast, they are not teaching about what Christians should or should not eat for breakfast, instead, they are using the common to draw attention to the extraordinary. So, Breakfast is a song that fits the analogy Food, while a song describing the dietary restrictions of the Israelites would reference the topic Food.

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