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Grace Rocks! Song Concordance

GRACE Rocks the Curve!™

I've always loved really great lyrics, which is part of my motivation in writing The Flutter of Angels' Wings. For me, there are a number of elements that separate powerful Christian lyrics from more ordinary songs. Lyrics that make and break the 'curve' can be described by G-R-A-C-E!


God Pleasing, God Praising, and God's Word - just like the Bible itself, everything should point to Jesus


Relevant, Real - speaks to your life, every song speaks to people differently depending on their own experiences


Aesthetic - beautifully written and structured, terrific imagery


Clever - witty and interesting, thought provoking


Enduring - it's been played a 100 times, and you still turn up the song when it comes on.

On the GRACE curve, a score of 15 with a G-score of 3 or more is a solid Christ-centered song. Scores on the GRACE curve nearer to 20 are awesome, memorable songs. Few, if any songs would score close to the perfect score of 25.

All of my GRACE Rocks the Curve lyric reviews are based on my own opinion. How would you rate the songs I've rated based on the GRACE grading curve? What songs and artists would you like to see reviewed. Contact Pat and let me know!

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