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Five Best Christian Contemporary Songs By Steven Curtis Chapman

Ok...It would be impossible to narrow down Steven Curtis Chapman's "best songs" to just five. I haven't even included the song "I Will Be Here" sung at my wedding. Here's five songs that I like, you may have 5 different songs that you consider his best. The link next to each song identifies topics and Bible Verses related to the song, and even someone's opinion about what is the best line in the song.

This Moment


Wonderful Father-Daughter song describing the fleetness of our time with our children. With 3 daughters of my own, this song convicts. See related verses and info

The Walk
Signs Of Life


The Christian life is not a sprint. Steven Curtis Chapman reminds us to keep a steady pace in our walk with God. I like the bluesy feel of his Abbey Road version on The Greatest Hits. See related verses and info

Pop Rock

Energetic song compels those of us standing on the edge to go ahead and take the plunge, dive in. Living with passion and abandon for God is our ultimate goal. See related verses and info

Much Of You
All Things New


Jesus is a big deal, as my pastor has been reminding us. Chapman leads us in worshiping and acknowledging that God should be the center of all our focus. See related verses and info

Pop Rock
For The Sake Of The Call
For The Sake Of The Call


Steven Curtis Chapman makes a call for commitment illustrated by the willingness to leave everything by his disciples. Aren't we called to do just as much? See related verses and info

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