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Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God. Colossians 3:16 (ESV)
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Album Name More Info
1 Girl Nation (1GN) 2013 1 Girl Nation
1 Girl Nation (1GN) 2016 Unite
2nd Chapter Of Acts 1974 With Footnotes
2nd Chapter Of Acts 1975 In The Volume Of The Book
2nd Chapter Of Acts 1975 To The Bride
2nd Chapter Of Acts 1977 How The West Was Won
2nd Chapter Of Acts 1978 Mansion Builder
2nd Chapter Of Acts 1980 The Roar Of Love
2nd Chapter Of Acts 1981 Encores
2nd Chapter Of Acts 1981 Rejoice
2nd Chapter Of Acts 1983 Singer And Sower
2nd Chapter Of Acts 1983 Together Live
2nd Chapter Of Acts 1985 Night Light
2nd Chapter Of Acts 1986 Hymns
2nd Chapter Of Acts 1987 Far Away Places
2nd Chapter Of Acts 1988 Hymns II
2nd Chapter Of Acts 1992 20
4Him 1990 4Him
4Him 1991 Face The Nation
4Him 1992 The Basics Of Life
4Him 1993 The Season Of Love
4Him 1994 The Ride
4Him 1996 The Message
4Him 1998 Obvious
4Him 2000 Hymns: A Place Of Worship
7eventh Time Down 2011 Alive In You
7eventh Time Down 2013 Just Say Jesus
7eventh Time Down 2015 #GodIsOnTheMove
Aaron Jeoffrey 1995 AJ
Aaron Jeoffrey 1996 After The Rain
Aaron Jeoffrey 1997 The Climb
Aaron Jeoffrey 1999 Timeless: For Every Nation
Aaron Shust 2005 Anything Worth Saying
Aaron Shust 2007 Whispered And Shouted
Aaron Shust 2009 Take Over
Aaron Shust 2009 Christmas EP
Aaron Shust 2011 This Is What We Believe
Aaron Shust 2013 Morning Rises
Aaron Shust 2014 Unto Us
Aaron Shust 2016 Ever Be
Abandon 2009 Searchlights
Abandon 2011 Control
Abandon 2014 Love Prevails
Adam Cappa 2012 The Rescue
Addison Road 2008 Addison Road
Addison Road 2010 Stories
American Made 2002 Red
Among Thorns 1999 Among Thorns
Among Thorns 2000 AWE Alternative Worship Extreme
Among Thorns 2001 Desperate
Among Thorns 2002 Draw Near
Amy Grant 1977 Amy Grant
Amy Grant 1979 My Father's Eyes
Amy Grant 1980 Never Alone
Amy Grant 1981 In Concert
Amy Grant 1981 In Concert Volume Two
Amy Grant 1982 Age To Age
Amy Grant 1983 A Christmas Album
Amy Grant 1984 Straight Ahead
Amy Grant 1985 Unguarded
Amy Grant 1986 The Collection
Amy Grant 1988 Lead Me On
Amy Grant 1991 Heart In Motion
Amy Grant 2013 How Mercy Looks From Here
Ana Laura 2006 Ana Laura
Anberlin 2007 Cities
Andy Cherry 2012 Nothing Left To Fear
Anthem Lights 2011 Anthem Lights
Anthem Lights 2014 You Have My Heart
Anthem Lights 2014 Escape
Ashes Remain 2011 What I've Become
Audio Adrenaline 1992 Audio Adrenaline
Audio Adrenaline 1993 Don't Censor Me
Audio Adrenaline 1996 Bloom
Audio Adrenaline 1997 Some Kind Of Zombie
Audio Adrenaline 1999 Underdog
Audio Adrenaline 2001 Hit Parade
Audio Adrenaline 2001 Lift
Audio Adrenaline 2003 Worldwide
Audio Adrenaline 2005 Until My Heart Caves In
Audio Adrenaline 2006 Adios
Audio Adrenaline 2013 Kings & Queens
Audio Adrenaline 2015 Sound Of The Saints
Avalon 1996 Avalon
Avalon 1997 A Maze Of Grace
Avalon 1999 In A Different Light
Avalon 2000 Joy: A Christmas Collection
Avalon 2002 Oxygen
Avalon 2002 O2: Avalon Remixed
Avalon 2003 The Very Best Of Avalon Testify To Love
Avalon 2004 The Creed
Avalon 2006 Stand
Avalon 2006 Faith: A Hymns Collection
Avalon 2008 Another Time Another Place
Avalon 2009 Avalon: The Greatest Hits
Avalon 2009 Reborn
Avalon 2012 Number Ones
BarlowGirl 2004 BarlowGirl
BarlowGirl 2005 Another Journal Entry
BarlowGirl 2007 How Can We Be Silent
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